Café Chanson Pairing Dinners

Join us for Café Chanson’s Pairing Dinners. We’re taking dining to the next level with local wine, craft beer and liquor experts. Each dinner will feature 5 courses, perfectly prepared by our Chef Aaron Kolb, paired with a selection of drinks.

Monday, January 30 • BEER VS. WINE DINNER • 6:30 pm

Our January 30th event will be co-hosted by wine expert Tom Breecher from Badger Liquor and craft beer specialist Ryan Falkner from Beechwood Sales and Service. Besides featuring delectable cuisine and corresponding drink pairings, the evening will include a chance to vote for a beer or wine victory as well as the opportunity to show off what you have learned from our experts during trivia.  $45

Tuesday, February 7 • SCOTCH & CHOCOLATE DINNER • 6:30 pm

Our February 7th Scotch and Chocolate event will feature a selection of five unique single-malt scotches — curated by the spirit specialists at Badger Liquor Co. — paired with a five course chocolate-infused dinner for a combination that is sure to excite! This event will feature commentary and suggestions for pairings for all of the scotches sampled, as well as an opportunity to form your own tasting opinions, for an informative and fun dinner experience. $40 (Dinner only option for $30)

Monday, February 27 • FRENCH WINE & FOOD PAIRING • 6:30 pm

This event will focus on a carefully chosen selection of French wines coupled with a five course French feast, featuring such classic dishes as lobster bisque, duck cassoulet and Opera cake soaked in Grand Marnier. The evening will be hosted by wine expert Tom Bryfczynski of Legacy Brands and is sure to be a wonderful time for all!  $45  VIEW MENU

Spots are limited. Call (920) 347-0007 for reservations.

Wednesday, March 8 • SPANISH WINE & FOOD PAIRING • 6:30 pm

Our March 8th Pairing Dinner will showcase an exciting variety of wines from Spain, all paired with delectable cuisine from the region such as chicken and seafood paella, tenderloin with patatas bravas (lightly spiced potatoes) and citrus-almond cake. Once again wine specialist Tom Breecher from Badger Liquor will be joining us to add his expertise to the evening for what promises to be a unique and fun night.  $45  VIEW MENU

Spots are limited. Call (920) 347-0007 for reservations.

Thursday, March 23 • BEER & FOOD PAIRING • 6:30 pm

This Pairing Dinner will highlight a diverse variety of unique craft brews selected by beer expert Ryan Falkner from Beechwood Sales and Service who will be on hand to discuss his selections and why they pair so well with such delicious dishes as classic Wisconsin beer cheese soup, maple-chipotle salmon cakes and sticky toffee pudding. Don’t miss this great opportunity to learn a little about the art of pairing while enjoying some fantastic food and drink!  $35  VIEW MENU

Spots are limited. Call (920) 347-0007 for reservations.


Our final Pairing Dinner of our series will focus on a unique menu that fuses Vietnamese and Indian flavors. Dishes such as roasted spiced rack of lamb and caramelized chicken and sweet potatoes will be complemented by a selection of craft cocktails created uniquely for this special event. Beverage specialist Peter Clement, from Great Lakes Distillery, will be on hand to discuss pairings and offer suggestions on how you can host your own global cocktail party.  $50  VIEW MENU

Spots are limited. Reservations & credit cards are required.
Call (920) 347-0007

One week cancellation without penalty.

Chateau De Pere / Café Chanson
201 James Street • De Pere, Wisconsin